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“Figure and Space” brings together the work of six Colombian artists whose expressions, although quite different, work around the exploration of this theme. The manner in which they combine space, figures and surfaces, result in alluring works that impact with their subtlety and beauty. 


Pablo Arrázola and Armando Castro-Uribe’s subjects exist within vast spaces. These figures interact with the materials they've been drawn on, be it cardboard or paper. The atmosphere that surrounds them brings silence and mystery to the works, drawing the observer in.


Teresa Currea takes drawing to the third dimension by assembling individual cut outs, drawn with ink, watercolor and pencils. Her compositions create fascinating surrealist worlds full of imaginary characters, objects and nature. 


Meanwhile, Mario Arroyave’s figures inhabit a world of space, time and matter. The connecting lines between men, women and children correspond to an algorithmic study in human relationships. 


Pablo Posada-Pernikoff’s abstract works show his fascination with light, shadow and time. In his recent works the artist deepens his study of light and its manipulation, through the combination of intaglio, gold and silver leaf and minerals. 


Carlos Alarcon, like Arrazola and Castro is a consummate draftsman. He produces either miniature or very large format works. In this exhibition he is presenting miniatures belonging to a series titled "Par/adoxes." This body of work couples objects, animals and people in a very surrealist and humorous manner.


These six artists offer the public a view into Colombia's fascinating artistic expression, where authenticity, quality, aesthetics and a wonderful creativity prevail. 


Beatriz Esguerra Art has been a proud promoter of her country's artists in Latin America and the United States. After some years of absence from the New York art scene, BEA is excited to reconnect with this vibrant city's art community.