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  • Visitors to our Booth at Art on Paper NY, This is what our visitors said
    BEA's booth at Art on Paper NY

    Visitors to our Booth at Art on Paper NY

    This is what our visitors said

    Beautiful cohesive booth that invites actual looking and contemplation. A breath of fresh air. - Fran Kaufman

    A marquee presentation. Beautifully curated, exquisite work. Bravo! - Lisa

    Beautiful work! Love all the texture, the three dimensionality and the talent. Also coffee smelled great. - Annie

    I am enamored by the mixed media feel of the pieces; the three dimensional paper exhudes life and movement. It's so fascinating and I've never seen anything like it. - Sarah

    The gallery's choice of represented artists made me fall in love with their astonishing and high quality artworks. I will definitely be doing more research on these artists and following the gallery's updates on upcoming exhibitions. - Kirill


    One of my favorite presentations at the fair. The amount of work and thought that went into each piece is evident. I loved the use of paper itself to create meaning. - Andana


    September, 2022

  • Chelo Eckhardt, President of CE Consulting - Brand Art Ambassador

    Chelo Eckhardt

    President of CE Consulting - Brand Art Ambassador

    Beatriz is a joy to work with! She has an infectious passion for the artists of her native country Colombia, which she supports through her commitment to sharing with the world the best new, and established, contemporary artists and work that the country has to offer. She is trustworthy, erudite and visionary. A treasure of a person sharing treasures.

    May, 2022

    United States

  • Instagram Reviews

    Instagram Reviews

    Excelente curaduria, impecable puesta en escena, respeto y seriedad con los artistas.

    An outstanding gallery with an amazing selection of pieces that reflect the love of art. 


    Great taste and impecable execution.

    Saber que a Beatriz le gusta es un gran filtro y da mucha tranquilidad. 


    The best gallery in town and abroad. Beatriz always has amazing Colombian artists and a passionate way of representing them.



    Wonderful but too far away from where I live.



    Impecable. Elegancia.


    Impecable en todo sentido! Cada exposición refleja el profesionalismo al 100%.





    Un lugar maravilloso y acogedor para ver arte de toda clase.


    The best gallery in Bogotá, Colombia


     May, 2022



  • John Sughrue, Owner of the Dallas Art Fair

    John Sughrue

    Owner of the Dallas Art Fair

    Beatriz Esguerra has been a great partner in building the Dallas Art Fair and we are forever grateful for her support.


    April 2022

    Dallas, TX

  • Claudia and ALLEN SPERRY, Collectors

    Pedro Ruiz, Alegria, 2010, acrylic and resin on wood, 40 x 29 cm.

    Claudia and ALLEN SPERRY


    We have known Beatriz Esguerra and have been a client of hers for many years. Beatriz represents many top Colombian artists and is very profesional with an engaging manner and a pleasure to work with. She has an intuitive sense of what the client is looking for and a unique ability to match client with artist. We trust her judgement and taste and have been very pleased with our experience.

    April, 2022

    New York, NY

  • Teresa Currea, Artist

    The artist in her exhibition "Kokoro" at BEA.


    Teresa Currea


    It is very important for me to work with a gallery that is respectful of the artist's work, that is close to the creative processes and, above all, that generates an environment of trust to create new projects. For me, Beatriz Esguerra Art is that respectful, open and professional space and, as an artist,  I am very happy to be a part of it .


    April, 2022

    Bogotá, Colombia

  • Carlos Nariño, Artist

    Carlos Nariño, Sobrevolando, 2006, oil on canvas, 89 x 116 cm.

    Carlos Nariño


    Undoubtedly, Beatriz Esguerra is passionate and committed to her work as a gallerist, and this passion and commitment can be felt in the gallery and in the dialogues she has with her artists and the public that comes to discover new universes.


    March 2022

    Paris, France

  • Jerónimo Villa, Artist

    The artist in his studio


    Jerónimo Villa


    I had never worked with such a comprehensive and professional gallery. BEA stands out in digital, network, social media and press management. Beatriz Esguerra, its owner and director, permanently visits the artists' studios  and participates directly in the organization and installation of exhibitions. My experience with the gallery during my exhibition was great. I loved it!


    March, 2022

    Bogotá, Colombia

  • Nata Gamez, Gallery Visitor

    Oil on coin paintings by Carlos Alarcón, for his exhibition at BEA "Painted Numismatics."

    Nata Gamez

    Gallery Visitor
    Charming. I went to the Carlos Alarcón show and it was beautiful. Resignifying the value of coins with his painting is incredible. The details, lighting and atmosphere were appropriate to appreciate the exhibition.

    December, 2021
    Bogotá, Colombia