Santiago Uribe-Holguín has maintained, throughout his artistic career, a fascination for layers and the process of unearthing them. With this current work, which has been evolving since aproximately 2015, he leaves behind his previous technique of combining oil, sand, and marble dust and in its stead, explores the delicate relationship between line and color through more traditional oil painting. While in the past Uribe-Holguín sought to expose the layers underneath by eliminating the elements above, in these new pieces, he reveals them through the strategic use of color.


Santiago Uribe-Holguín studied in Spain for most of his academic career; at the "Academia Peña," the "Escuela de Artes y Oficios," and the "Círculo de Bellas Artes," all in Madrid. He has undergone a great deal of growth and change throughout his artistic trajectory, starting out as an almost purely figurative painter and evolving little by little into abstraction. His latest solo exhibition, "Shapes & Shades," took place at BEA in July 2020, and he has participated in several group exhibitions and international fairs. 

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