Pedro Ruiz guides us through his different series in his exhibition "Processes."

Exhibition Guided Tour
August 4, 2021

Colombian artist Pedro Ruiz takes us on a tour of his most recent exhibition "Processes" at Beatriz Esguerra Art. It is a journey through the artist’s different series. It also seeks to highlight the artist’s relationship with nature and the feminine spirit and his ever-present message of hope for the wellbeing of this world. The exhibition will consist of works in a variety of techniques and sizes, including painting and bronze sculptures.


Pedro Ruiz's work occupies itself with social and political issues that affect countries worldwide. Nature and the concept that it is a force that we cannot control and must live in harmony with, is ever-present in his works. Ruiz has developed four fundamental series through paintings and installations: Love is in the Air, Displacements, Gold, and Colombiana Light.


Pedro Ruiz is today one of Colombia’s most important artists. Knighted by the French Government with the Order of the Arts and Letters and Ambassador to Unicef for his strong commitment to translating his artistic messages into social projects, Ruiz has the ability of connecting with the public’s minds and hearts. In a poetic and aesthetic manner, this artist addresses political and social issues that have affected him, his country and the world: social displacement, the spraying of drug crops and its effect on nature, aggressive mining and destruction of nature by multinational companies and its effect on the rural population and the contrast between urban and rural living, among other themes.


Video in Spanish - English subtitles.