Although Ismael Rivera seeks to avoid the effects that different forces involved in the exercise of power exert over our conduct, he finds it more difficult to ignore their consequences. It is thus inevitable to find these circumstances reflected in his work.

Rivera grasps that it is not the function of art, never has been, and never will be, to even attempt to resolve the conflict between man and the world, but that does not substantially persuade him to give up on the possibility of using his work as a means to question and dispute the cultural development of a given society. It is the responsibility of art as an object and of the artist as the subject to leave their mark and ensure their permanence in memory, thus transcending time. Art as an object is sold, purchased, and subject to the laws of the market, but it is its content that is called upon to transcend, the ideas proposed and shown that give the work reason to be. It is those contents that overtake the mere material and that leave their mark on the collective memory.

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