New Arrivals: Works by Luis Alejandro Saiz, Carolina Convers, Pablo Arrazola, Mario Arroyave, Teresa Currea, Pedro Ruiz, Danilo Rojas and Ismael Rivera

This new year brings a refreshing wave of artists and works to our gallery. Beatriz Esguerra Art is pleased to present a group show that will open this Saturday, 8th February, and which will feature the latest creations of some of our most recognized artists.

Carlos AlarcónPablo Arrázola, and Teresa Currea present their unique universes through the timeless technique of drawing. Carolina Convers, Ismael Rivera, and Pedro Ruiz all use painting in their work, although each in distinct and particular ways. Carolina Convers uses resin to give her atmospheric images a dazzling and impeccable finishing touch; Pedro Ruiz explores the potency and majesty of Nature; and Ismael Rivera juxtaposes abstract and figurative elements in his surreal landscapes.

In this exhibition, we are including the work of artists Luis Alejandro Saiz, and Danilo Rojas. Their small and medium scale abstract pieces contrast starkly with the lively works of some artists, while establishing a smooth dialogue with the temperance of others'.

This exhibition, rather than revolving around a certain theme, aims at exalting the ample, creative, and eclectic spectrum of techniques and concepts that our artists work with. Although very different, they exist under a similar aesthetic, which comes down to the exceptional curatorial vision of our director Beatriz Esguerra.