Curiosity, Surprise and Intrigue at BEA in the Dallas Art Fair

Dallas Art Fair Moments
April 26, 2022
Curiosity, Surprise and Intrigue at BEA in the Dallas Art Fair

A special thank you to all those who visited our booth at the Dallas Art Fair and
discovered, experienced and embraced Colombian Art.

It was wonderful to see the smiles, curiosity, surprise and intrigue in our visitors faces as they were greeted by our artists' works.

We want to thank the Dallas Art Fair organizers for their hard work and professionalism and the Dallas and Texas art community for welcoming and supporting all of us in the art business.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!



 In my job, I wear many hats.  I've always said, "I am the director of numerous departments in my gallery. Installation and hanging artworks is one of them. Here I am ready to put together my booth at the Dallas Art Fair.


Opening crates and hanging. Watch this fun timelapse video. 



After a day and half of hard work, the booth finally looks great. I plan the artwork selection and distribution months before the fair. That way I know exactly how many artworks to ship and where to hang them.

From left to right, works by Mario Arroyave, Carolina Convers and Max Steven Grossman


From left to right, works by Armando Castro-Uribe, Max Steven Grossman, Pablo Arrázola and Pedro Ruiz, 


People were fascinated by our Colombian artists. Stories, skill, intelligence, creativity, are values that are always present in these artists' works. There is a special and particular essence that appeals to people's soul. 







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Beatriz Esguerra

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Beatriz Esguerra founded Beatriz Esguerra Art (previously Arte Consultores) in 2000. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Middlebury College, Beatriz Esguerra returned to Bogota, Colombia and worked for the museology departments of the Gold Museum and the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango-Banco de la Republica. Later she joined Bogota's Museum of Modern Art as the founding Editor in Chief of their quarterly magazine titled ARTE. In the late 1980's , she cofounded and for 12 years codirected Sforza Consultores en Arte, one of the few art consulting firms in Colombia at the time. A citizen of Colombia and the United States, Beatriz Esguerra is completely bicultural, giving her the ability to easily interact with national and international colleagues, clients and artists. 

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