Dallas Art Fair 2020

Online Art Fair, 14 - 23 April 2020 

A fascinating journey through the different expressions of some of Colombia’s best artists.

A promoter of Colombia's outstanding artists, Beatriz Esguerra Art offers a journey through the different expressions and generations of artists ranging from very young to internationally famous.

Senior master Fernando Botero, frequently referred to as the most famous and identifiable living artist, will be featured, along with Pablo Arrazola and Teresa Currea, the youngests of the group and both exceptional promises. Renowned Pedro Ruiz, Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, Mario Arroyave and Carolina Convers will join to offer the public the "Colombian Angle," a peek into a fascinating country's artistic expressions, where authenticity, quality, aesthetics and a wonderful creativity prevail.

Beatriz Esguerra Art has been a proud promoter of her country's artists in Latin America and the United States. The gallery's sixth consecutive presentation at the Dallas Art Fair demonstrates its dedication to supporting her artists and its admiration for the Dallas and Texas art community which continues to grow and evolve.