Interview with Santiago Harker

Reknowned Documentary Colombian Photographer
April 15, 2016

Video in Spanish. No subtitles. 

Self taught, with a particular eye and wonderful humor, Santiago Harker captures the essence of cultures in the different countries he visits. 

His work has been exhibited in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Iceland, Finland and Denmark. In 1992 he published his first book, Colombia Inédita with Villegas Editores (Colombia). Among Harker’s numerous publications, the following stand out: Discovering Ecuador (Imprenta Mariscal / National Geographic) and Canto a la Realidad (Lunwerg Editores, Spain). Publications specializing in photography and art such as Verlag Photographie (Switzerland), Oasis (Italy), Art News (San Francisco Art Institute, USA) and Foto Zoom (Mexico), have published his portfolio. In 1988 he was awarded a Colcultura (Colombia) scholarship to carry out a photography collection of National Parks of Colombia. In 1994 he obtained a Fulbright scholarship to enroll in postgraduate studies in photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently lives and works in Colombia