"Disperse" is Carolina Convers' response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Exhibition Guided Tour
February 6, 2021

Carolina Manrique gives us a guided tour of her exhibition "Disperse." Video in Spanish with English subtitles. 

The works that make up this exhibition were conceived almost a year ago, a process that in some way has been affected by the COVID-19 confinement. During this time, different images began to arise: dresses, castaways, sundry figures. Due to the dispersion I found myself in, I created random paintings which did not fit in with the rest. Among these are a series of barefoot women, their shoes lying by their side, a result of my spontaneously believing that this new reality had led us to "throwing off our shoes."

I felt it was a pause in which our social, family, and work related activities had suddenly come to a halt. I felt disperse. That is why I began to meditate and realized how difficult it was. There were so many thoughts and ideas I couldn't control and this began to show in my paintings.

I reflected a great deal. I currently view my studio as a refuge. Now that I begin to embrace this situation and accept the issues of confinement, pause, anguish and dispersion I realize it has nourished me with new ideas and images, with the pleasure of painting for painting alone, and with the challenge of experimenting.

Carolina Convers


Video language: Spanish
Subtitles: English