Jose Ismael Rivera guides us through his recent exhibition "Measured Irreverence."

Exhibition Guided Tour
June 6, 2021

Ismael Rivera is an artist who closely observes humanity: world and political leaders, society and regular people. With subtlety and black humor he captures and interprets it, resulting in paintings that invite the observer to question himself and the surrounding world.

With intelligence and mischief, Rivera perceives those acts that shame us as a society and that we quietly try to hide. He captures them in paintings and found objects where his artistic talent, his fine sense of humor and his mastery of painting are evident.


In his works there is a clear balance between figuration and abstraction, between poetry and denunciation, between subtlety and evidence. The colors and richness of the layers of paint complement these dichotomies, which can only be produced by an artist with the trajectory, reflection and creativity of Ismael Rivera. 


Video language: Spanish
Subtitles: English