Virtual Landscapes

An online exclusive exhibition of works by Max Steven Grossman
August 13, 2019

For Max Steven Grossman, the idea of landscape extends far beyond that found in nature. Subjects that are on the verge of being lost or going extinct in our contemporary world are present throughout his photographic work. Using constructed compositions, the artist emphasizes on the notion of the inevitability of change, and the fact that things are happening so slowly we don't stop to truly notice. 


In his series titled Antarctica, Grossman incorporates objects foreign to the arid terrain of the south pole, such as trees, creating a contrast between the warmth of plants and the cold, blue ice of the region's frozen panoramas. Architecture, and On the Road, transform figurative landscapes into abstract compositions of pattern and color. In the former, the artist is inspired by the textures and rythms created by the lines and spaces in building facades. In the latter, road and highway landscapes are distorted into beautiful blurs, creating a lasting relationship between motion and color. In his most popular series, Bookscapes, the artist explores an intimate type of landscape, by designing libraries that exist only in his photographs. He arranges books according to their theme, with the intention of creating a vast archive of ideas, concepts and titles that any connoisseur of a specific field, should own.


An engineer with a Master's degree in Photography from NYU and the International Center of Photography, Max Steven Grossman has exhibited his work internationally in institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena, Colombia, the Museum of Modern Art in Barranquilla, Colombia. Represented in Colombia by Beatriz Esguerra Art, the artist has shown his work in fairs such as ARTBO, Colombia, Dallas Art Fair in Texas, Art Wynwood in Miami, Art Southampton in Long Island, NY, and Arte BA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, among so many others. He has also exhibited in countries such as Switzerland, Panama and Spain. His work is represented by Axiom Contemporary, LA, Baker Sponder, Boca Ratón and Stricoff FineArt, NYC, among others.