Carol Young, Pablo Posada and Luis Alejandro Saiz in "Sounds of Silence"

Exhibition Guided Tour
September 25, 2020

Featuring works by Pablo Posada, Alejandro Saiz, Carol Young.


The work of these three artists is paradoxically earthly and ethereal at the same time. There is a subtle spirituality to them, an attempt to connect with nature.


Pablo Posada’s work is an expression of his observations on matter: how it flows through time and space, how it evolves and transforms. His goal is to create a bond of harmony between the work and the viewer.


Carol Young shares a similar experience with ceramics. It is an intimate relationship where the creation of her pieces is intuitive rather than premeditated. She has the ability to emulate the organic, to mold and manipulate the material, producing objects that could almost appear in nature. In a similar way to that of Posada’s attempt to connect to the viewer, Young’s work cannot exist on its own. It relies on the viewer to come to life and become endowed with meaning.


Alejandro Saiz’s minimalist creations also evoke calm. His silent, abstract forms are strongly influenced by meditation. His figures appear to exist in an ethereal atmosphere, devoid of time, space or context.

What these three artists have in common is the expertise with which they manipulate their materials. They dominate these elements without erasing their nature, they allow the materials to breathe, to exist and prevail in their true form. Their pieces are also subtle and silent, but at the same time potent, for it is this quietness that singles them out and makes the works unique.


Text by Lorenza Rodriguez