"Shot largely on the same set of beaches in Portugal over a period of two years, the imagery of The Accidental Theorist is a series of moments that have become independent of causation or purpose. This landscape is familiar yet imaginary. It is full of stillness and silence yet the pervasive tranquility is paradoxically not calming but disturbing and incongruous. It is marked by the sense that things are forever unreachable. All that represents the ambience of a holiday beach is missing. We long for the signs and symptoms of life to reimpose themselves upon the social fabric of this place. Shot with an analogue, large format camera and making use of long exposures, these images are all about temporal experience. The beach is rendered as little more than a proscenium awaiting some event. Found elements underscore an ambiguity in these images between the composed and the contingent."


Born in Évora, Portugal, Martins grew up in Macau. He completed an MA in Photography and Fine Art at the Royal College of Art (London). His work is represented internationally in high-profile collections including V&A (UK), the National Media Museum (UK) and the Dallas Museum of Art (USA), to name a few. Martins represented Macau at the 54th Venice Biennale. Awards include the New York Photography Award, the BES Photo Prize, the  SONY World Photography Award, International Photography Award, and a nomination to the Prix Pictet.