ARTBO 2010

OCTOBER 21-25, 2010

Stand 217
October 21-25, 2010
Corferias Pabellones 11 - 16

Wednesday October 20th: 7 PM Opening Gala for Special Guests
Thursday October 21st: 12 N to 9 PM Open to the public.
Friday October 22nd: 12 N to 8 PM Open to the public.
Saturday October 23d: 12 N to 8 PM Open to the public.
Sunday October 24th: 12 N to 8 PM Open to the public.
Monday October 25th: 12 N to 8 PM Open to the public.

ARTE CONSULTORES will be present in the Bogotá International Art Fair ARTBO 2010.  The gallery will be exhibiting works by Santiago Uribe-Holguín, Angela Jiménez and Carol Young.

These three artists work with matter, with elements that come from the earth. Uribe-Holguín uses ground marble and pumice stone, Carol Young works with clay, and Angela Jimenez uses hand made paper made out of fique and pineapple, along with tree barks and other natural fibers. Their work is mostly abstract however completely different from each other. Carol Young, who does ceramics, will present her series, "Hand-made Paper," where rigid and cooked pieces of clay look like very light and flexible pieces of paper. Angela Jimenez has created works on her hand-made paper and barks full of symbols and textures. Finally Santiago Uribe-Holguín will present bidimensional abstract pieces with beautiful sand textures.